Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of files are not allowed on Mount Red?

  • Please refer to our Terms of Service page for a full detailed list of violating files.


Do you inspect users’ files?

  • Mount Red will never ever inspect any of its users’ files. We have a no-snooping policy. However:
    • In extreme cases, if we receive an abuse report from a legal authority, we will investigate their claim in respect with our ToS. If the file/s in question violate our ToS, then we will be forced to remove it and in some cases warn/remove the account responsible.


My shared link is not working. What could be wrong?

  • If your file is not deleted and still appears on your account, but the shared URL stopped working, it could be due to one of the following reasons:
    • You moved your file from its directory
    • You changed the file’s name AFTER you have already shared your previously generated link.
      • Solution: Generate a new sharing URL or revert whatever changes you’ve made to the file after generating its sharing link.
  • To avoid being in this situation, please categorize your library before you decide to share your files.


How do I share my files publicly?

  1. Select a file or files from the left side.
  2. Click on the “Share” button when you are ready.
  3. Click on “Generate link”.
  4. Your public sharing link: