Some files are meant to be hosted far, far away.

Bleeding Edge

Enjoy accelerated upload and download speeds between your device and the server. Never settle for less!

Smart Platform

Our custom-built file system allows you to resume uploads after unexpected interruptions.

Advanced Sharing

Share one, a few, or an entire directory full of files at once. The decision is yours, and you are in control.

Free & Paid

We have paid plans as well as free ones to suit everybody’s needs. We also offer a free trial of our paid plans.

Reasons to consider our premium plans

What’s my money’s worth?


Long-term Storage

Our premium plans give you full control over your data. Whether your files are active or not, you and only you control their expiry.

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No Ads (of course!)

No ads whatsoever.

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Extra Disk Space

Premium space for your premium needs. We have different sized accounts at different prices to choose from.

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Additional Users

Give full or limited account access to additional users using their own credentials. Ideal for people working together.

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Now the question is: Why Mount Red?

We believe in the freedom of data and we respect our users’ privacy.

We do not inspect any of the files uploaded on our servers, but there are extreme cases where we do. Please refer to our FAQ page for more information. Mount Red is not meant for the hosting of personal files nor is it meant as a backup service. We are mainly a file sharing platform.